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廣東建星建造集團有限公司成立于2001年,是一家以建筑施工為主業365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,集產業投資365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、工程管理、運營服務為一體的現代建造集成服務商。公司擁有房屋建筑施工總承包一級資質365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、建筑甲級設計資質及裝修、機電安裝一級等多項專業資質365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 。公司專注建筑事業,以推動現代化建筑工程技術與管理發展為目標,積極倡導工業化建造、智慧化管理的創新變革365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 。

公司是廣東省首家榮膺"廣東省政府質量獎"、“珠海市市長質量獎”的建筑企業365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,先后獲 "全國建筑業AAA級信用企業"365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、"中國建筑業成長性企業200強"365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、"全國優秀施工企業"365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、"廣東省五一勞動獎狀"等榮譽,并連續13年被評為"廣東省守合同重信用企業"。2019年被評定為"廣東省企業500強"、"廣東省民營企業100強"。


公司為國家高新技術企業,建設有省級建筑一體化工程技術研究中心和省級企業技術中心365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,與清華大學、北京理工大學珠海學院、廣東省建筑科學研究院等高等院校及科研技術機構建立了長期戰略合作關系,聯合成立了建筑工業化工程技術中心365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、建造工程智慧管理協同創新中心等科研平臺,著力發展新技術、新材料、新工藝和信息化技術在建筑領域的創新應用365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 。同時,聘請了中國工程院院士、清華大學聶建國教授為公司首席顧問科學家,著重指導核心技術攻關365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、科研成果轉化以及技術人才培養365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 。

公司自主創新的集鋁合金模板系統365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、PC構件和智能升降平臺為一體的 "房屋施工一體化"工業建造技術365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,在全國90%裝配式建筑項目上得以應用,其中首創的建筑鋁合金模板系統填補了國內空白365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 。公司主編有國家標準和廣東省地方標準2項、參編國家及廣東省地方標準3項;取得了17項國家級工法和省級工法;獲得專利授權189項(其中發明專利27項,實用新型專利162項)365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ;獲得國家及省級科學技術成果鑒定及登記49項,其中國際領先1項、國內領先13項365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、國內先進12項,省內領先6項365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,軟件著作權23項。

為實現"成為卓越品質的建造者"的愿景365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,公司著力打造"精前端、強后臺"的高效協同型組織,以卓越績效管理模式和信息化管理手段為抓手,持續提升品牌核心競爭力和可持續發展能力。公司與華發、融創365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、美的365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、金科等國內知名大型房地產企業建立長期戰略合作關系。2014-2019年廣東省365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、珠海市政府監管部門先后4次在公司承建的項目召開現場觀摩會365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,是廣東省至今唯一承辦觀摩會主會場的本土企業。

公司以"引領建筑產業365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,建造美好未來"為使命,作為中國建筑業協會理事365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、廣東省建筑業協會副會長、珠海市建筑業協會會長單位365bet体育开户,365bet官方app ,在大力發展自身業務的同時,以推動綠色建造365bet体育开户,365bet官方app 、工業化建造及智慧化管理的行業發展為己任,積極探索新時代建筑行業的高質量發展之路。

Guangdong Constar Construction Group Co., Ltd (referred to as CONSTAR GROUP) was founded in 2001. As an integrated construction service provider, CONSTAR GROUP specialises in construction engineering, industrial investment, project operation and service. Basing on the enterprise qualification of first-grade overall contract for housing buildings and class-A qualification for architectural design, various specialised decoration qualification and first-grade qualification for electromechanical installation. Focusing on the construction, CONSTAR GROUP aims to promote the development of modern construction engineering technology and management, and actively advocates innovative changes in construction industrialisation and intelligent management.

CONSTAR GROUP has been successively awarded honorary titles and awards by relevant departments of the state, province and cities, such as the first construction enterprise winner of Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, AAA-grade Credit Enterprise of National Construction Industry, Top 200 Growth Enterprises in Chinese Construction Industry, National Outstanding Construction Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial May 1st Labor Award, Guangdong Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit for 13 consecutive years, Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2019, Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2019.


As an National New High-tech Enterprise,CONSTAR GROUP has established the Provincial Construction Integration Engineering Technology Research Center and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. Furthermore, CONSTAR GROUP also has set up the long-term strategic cooperation relationship with universities and scientific institutions such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College and Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research, jointly established the Construction Industrialisation Engineering Technology Center, and Construction Intelligent Management Collaborative Innovation Center. Focusing on the development of innovation applications of new technologies, new materials, new processes and information technology in the construction field, CONSTAR GROUP has engaged Nie Jianguo, the academician of CAE and professor of Tsinghua University, as the Chief Consultant of the company to promote technology tackling, technological transformation, and talent cultivation.

The independent innovation technical principle of Integrated Construction Method including the aluminum alloy formworks system, concrete precast component and intelligent lifting platform system, which has been applied in 90 percent of the prefabricated construction projects. It is worth mentioning that the aluminum alloy formworks system developed by company has filled the domestic gap. Moreover, CONSTAR GROUP has edited 2 national or provincial construction industry standards and has participated in editing 3 national or Guangdong provincial construction industry standards, and has received 17 national and provincial construction methods, 189 patents which including 27 invention patents and 162 utility model patents. Beyond that, the company also has obtained 49 scientific and technological achievements appraisal and registration, including one international leading level, 13 domestic leading level, 12 domestic advanced level, 6 leading in the province and 23 software copyrights.

In order to realise the vision of 'To be the creator of outstanding quality', the company focuses on creating an efficient and collaborative organisation with excellent performance management system and information management tools, and continuously improving the brand core competitiveness and capacity for sustainable development. CONSTAR GROUP has established long-term strategic cooperation relations with real estate enterprises such as Huafa Industrial Share, Sunac, Midea Real Estate Group, Jinke etc. Besides, the supervision departments of Guangdong Province and Zhuhai have held on-site observation meetings on the projects undertaken by company four times during 2014 to 2019. It is by far the only local construction enterprise in Guangdong Province that has hosted the main venue of observation meeting.

As the director of China Construction Industry Association, vice president of Guangdong Construction Industry Association and president of Zhuhai Construction Industry Association, CONSTAR GROUP adheres to the mission 'Leading the construction industry to build a better future', and devotes to expand the business while promoting the development of green construction, construction industrialisation and intelligent management, and then actively explores the way of high-quality development of the construction industry in the new era.

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